Following Hong Kong and Tokyo, the Mens Wrist Watches was the next to celebrate its own Christmas, unveiling its own Xmas Edition at a restricted Collection of 10 pieces. .
Each bit is numbered followed with the title of the corresponding town.

The Anniversary Centigraphe is only available from the Boutique celebrating its 10th Anniversary.
The Mens Wrist Watches for sale is a stunning mechanical chronograph that signals elapsed times in the 100th of a second to ten minutes, observable on 3 dials, each having a time scale from red.

On the rear, the 100th of another hand revolves round the dial at one minute and the hand on the proper extends once every 20 minutes. The hand at 6 o'clock creates a trip in 10 minutes.
The best Mens Wrist Watches chronograph has been started, stopped and zeroed with a rocker found at two o'clock from the case group. This ergonomic layout, perfectly fitted into the wristwatch, is patented.
Another patent was allowed to the mechanism's imaginative arrangement, sport watches which effectively moisturizes the chronograph in the timekeeping function. In other words, the equilibrium amplitude is unaffected once the chronograph is running.